Welcome summer! Decorate your summer bedroom

Summer is coming! As the weather heats up, it’s time to refresh your bedroom to avoid so much hot. Moreover, bringing summer to your room will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable at the time you chill the ambience.  Turn your rooms into a cool summer heaven just playing with colors, light and accessories that will bring shine, brigth and breeze to your bedroom. Check out these easy decorating ideas and bring freshness to your home!

1. The Bed

The first step to update your bed for summer is to put away flannel and heavy linens and covers. Summer is time for light bed lines preferable made in 100% cotton. Avoid tissues made from synthetic fibers that, unlike cotton, they tend to keep the heat in. Cotton is natural, hypoallergenic and it draws heat away! Cotton sheets are a must to keep you cool during summer nights.

light blue light yellow bed sheets

2. Summer colours

Blue, green, yellow, orange or white are popular choices to colourise during summer time. Pure and light colours will pull you up while guarantee you a pleasant fresh feeling to fight against hot summer nights. Choose solid, bright and uplifting colours while avoiding heavy patterns.

bright orange bright green bed sheets

3. Accessories

During summer try to get rid of all unnecessary heavy winter accessories. Clear up your bedroom of clutter using stylish storage solutions or simply exchange them for two or three décor pieces of summer inspiration. A good idea is to bring in flowers or bamboo plants. Also, dark decorative objects can be replace by bowls made of crystal or glass filled with conches and shells, definetely, this will bring light and summer brezee inside!

light blue bed sheets

4. Light

Light is essential to give a clean and tidy appearance to your room.  Dark curtains can be exchange for sheer drapes to allow summer shine to enter through the windows. Additionally, you can add even more light by exchanging paintings for mirrors. But make sure that both, the windows and the mirrors are perfectly clean!