Minimal or Lavish? Dressing a Round Bed

Round beds make a bold statement in any room and offer a spacious, comfortable place to sleep and relax. Whether your bed features a wrap-around frame and headboard or minimalistic open sides, it’s important to start with great-looking round bed sheets that fit perfectly. Then, find where you fall on the decorating scale between minimal or lavish with stylish extras.

1. Monochromatic or a Colour Wheel?

Like all sheet sets, round bedding is available in matching sets or build-your-own colour combinations. It’s easy to create added detail with colour contrast stitching and two-toned pillow cases or you can keep things simple and sleek with one hue for the entire set.

2. Solid or Patterned?

For a minimalistic designer, nothing pairs better with simple round sheets than a crisp white duvet cover. Solid coloured comforter covers make the room feel open and showcase the expansive look and feel of a round bed. Patterns, on the other hand, can be used to add texture and detail to the room while creating a stylised focal point.

3. Single or Stacked?

Pillows and pillow cases add the finishing touch and make it easy to lounge and sleep in ultimate comfort. Show off the open, smooth-line look of your round bed with one or two simple pillows or create a cozy oasis with a plush pile of pillows in one ‘corner.’

No matter what style you choose, be sure to give your design a solid foundation with high-quality round bedding that is the right size for a perfect fit. Have fun dressing your bed and defining your décor as a sleek minimalist or lavish trend-setter!