Why Round Beds Never Go Out of Style

The earliest known bed humans ever slept in was made of woven weeds and rushes. It was found in a 77,000-year-old cave in South Africa. Since then, beds have gone through numerous changes, including mattresses filled with straw, feathers, grass, and hay, communal beds in Ancient Greek and Roman times, square and round beds, and camping beds used by Emperor Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington.

Fast forward several hundred years to today, and the shape and size of beds are just as varied. We spend a tremendous amount of time in our beds, almost 1/3 of our entire life, apparently. Which makes it very sad that the bedroom, and more importantly, the bed, tends to be neglected when it comes to interior design choices.    

One bed shape, however, that never seems to go out of style is the round bed, but is it the right choice for your bedroom? Let’s see if we can help you come to the best conclusion.

The Pros of Buying a Round Bed

One image that certainly springs to mind is luxury when you picture a round bed. It might also seem a very practical option, but what are the benefits in real life?

When it comes to quality, there’s not much difference between a round and traditional rectangular bed. There are, however, some significant advantages.


In essence, a round bed frame and mattress are perfect if you want to try your hand at customization and flex your interior decor muscles. There are so many more options regarding a round bed mattress, bed style, and how everything is put together. 

When you’re using a round shape, there is much more freedom which is why so many high-end hotels, studios, and homes use them in different ways. It’s possible to maximize usability and comfort.


A modern round bed is often found at the high end of the price range, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Affordably priced and good quality round beds can be made using the same materials as a regular mattress. Just like a standard-shaped mattress, you can choose latex, innerspring, or PU foam, depending on your budget.  


The customization options are only limited by your imagination. Go for a minimalistic design or opt for something that’s far more extravagant. Choose a size and style that complements your interior design or vision for your bedroom.


When you spend on average one-third of your life sleeping, comfort should feature at the top of your list when it comes to choosing your bed. One of the most significant benefits of a round bed is comfort. 

You enjoy a surprising level of comfort because your mind sees the round shape as having no boundaries. Subconsciously, this makes your body feel at ease and more relaxed.

Furthermore, the round shape doesn’t take up any more space but feels so much larger when it comes to bed size and room for sleeping. 

You’re able to decorate your room around it, and let’s not forget the freedom it brings to walk around as there are no sharp edges.  

Room View

With a rectangular bed, you’re limited as to where you can place the bed in your bedroom. Thanks to all those sharp edges, you’re forced to place it with at least one of the edges up against a wall. 

There is no such restriction with a round bed. Choose to place it in the middle of the room if you want, for a complete view. Because there are no corners, headboard, or bedroom bench, you’re not forced to sleep in one way either. Swap your sleeping position around as it suits you.

Benefits Your Body and Sleep

If you tend to move around a lot when you sleep, you’ll find a round bed less confined. If you like to sleep on your stomach or in the fetal position, you may find you feel more comfortable and sleep better without much disruption.  

Where to Buy a Round Bed

Round beds tend to be custom-made. A round bed mattress, on the other hand, can be purchased online. There are several online retailers that specialize in round mattresses, including:

If you’re not sure about the style of your round bed, you’ll find a good selection of online stores that sell them, for example:

Round Bed Prices

Round beds tend not to be mass-produced, which can mean prices are often high. There are, however, low-cost versions, especially when it comes to choosing a round bed for your kid’s bedroom.

Several factors can impact the price, such as the size of the bed and the material. Prices also differ depending on the manufacturer.

To give you an idea of how much a round bed could cost, let’s give you some estimates:

  • Adult round bed: $500 – $2,000  
  • Round bed for your kid’s bedroom: less than $100  
  • Circular baby crib: $50 – $200